S/V STRIDER 2010 Project Photos

The leaves for the new cabin table being assembled:

And ready for application of Formica to each side. I was able to find a perfect match for the material used in the boat in 1980.

All that careful measuring and planning to find the only possible location for the smoke head and here's what I found when I trimmed away the headliner around the pilot hole:

That's the wire to the light in the head. I pushed it out of the way and will figure it out later.

Here's how to avoid a huge clean up when cutting through two layers of fiberglass, a plywood core, and a plywood liner:

The insides of the bulkhead tank before welding to the backplate showing the inner piping and stiffeners:

And the finished tank with piping being attached and the mount for the heater on top.

The tank will be painted the same color as the mounting pan for the heater using Rustoleum high temp BBQ grill paint.. The pan slides over aluminum angles screwed to the bulkhead and is secured with three S.S. F.H. machine screws on each side..

To install, I used a hole saw to make four 1 1/2 inch holes in the portion of the bulkhead now missing and clamped the whole assembly in place and checked the location. I then removed the machine screws, pulled off the pan, and screwed the angles to the bulkhead. The pan fits back on perfectly. The slots in the pan are to slide over the pipes that will come in from under the berth to port. The diesel fuel supply and overflow connections to the heater are visible just below the cut out.

The round thing that appears to be on the mast support is this mount for cabin table.

One of the PEX tubing connections for the circulating loop to the aft hot water tank is visible through the cut out. The mount for the rail that supports the table was made by Casco Bay Welding.

The cabin table finished except for varnishing the wood trim on the edges.

The table legs twist lock into the pads in the center of the leaves. The hinges are very simple, brass strap wrapped around the rail and screwed to each side of a 1" wooden block. Each is then screwed to the table leaf.

I got the fairly heavy and awkward tank up the ladder and into the boat alone by wrapping it heavily in an old blanket and just skidding it up the ladder, over the rail and onto the cabin top. By the end of the day it was all installed and piped and ready to bolt on the heater and make up the fuel and flu connections.

The color is a good match for the cabin and the large, light colored surface brightens it up considerably. It won't be quite such a large blank spot when the stove and stainless steel flue pipe are in front of it.

Please excuse the poor quality cell phone pictures. I forgot my camera that day.

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