Refit for STRIDER 's Last Cruise

Here is a list of what was done over the winter of 2011 to prepare for Strider's last cruise which I hope will last 10 - 20 years:

All new standing rigging, including turnbuckles, supplied and assembled by
Southport Marina's Rigging Shop.

Chainplates removed along with interior ceiling panels for access.
Companionway removed, failed glue joint repaired, and reinstalled.
Old holding tank and all hoses removed.
Holding tank compartment made watertight and drain to bilge sump installed.
Larger through hull installed for holding tank vent.
PVC piping installed for sewage pump out and vent line in head compartment.
Holding tank level monitor panel and wiring installed in head.
Holding tank pump out seacock valve replaced.
Portside bulkhead tabbing of bulkheads in way of mast reinforced.
Replaced tabbing of head locker shelf.
Head joinerwork reinstalled.
Rebuilt holding tank pump and built foundation for new location.
New holding tank installed, plumbed, and fully functional.
Lower shroud chainplates polished and re-passivated.
Lower shroud chainplates reinstalled on solid epoxy foundations replacing soft bedding and angles corrected to match rigging
Upper shroud chainplates beefed up by Casco Bay Welding.
Wheel removed and stripped of grotty old rope wrapping. Sent out and recovering.
Forward lifeline stanchion gate braces re-bedded.
Electrical system schematic drawn
Propeller removed, repitched, balanced, and reconditioned.
Old engine water cooled exhaust elbow removed and replaced with new.
Old hot water heater removed and replaced with new.
Old negative ground buss removed and replaced with new.
Old battery switch removed and replaced with new.
Old analog voltmeter removed and replaced with
Victron Battery Monitor and low charge warning light.
Shunt for battery monitor installed.
All battery and ground cables replaced.
Batteries removed and sent out for load testing - failed and replaced.
Battery cover hold down straps eyes replaced with stainless steel.
Bonding system wiring removed.
Improper connection of fuel pump negative lead to bonding system removed and proper negative line installed.
Fuel system bonding terminals replaced with watertight where exposed to water.
Windvane servo oar removed for replacement.
Brass plated hinges for switch panel cover replaced with continuous S.S. piano hinge.
Secondary (+) buss for direct connect in-line fuse items installed.
Corroded (-) buss on switch panel removed and all connections moved to common ground buss.
All transverse rigging tangs removed from mast and new tangs designed and fabricated.
Lower shroud tang assembly completed and installed.
New Forespar combination steaming / deck light installed.
New Windex purchased and masthead mount modified for installation.
New upper shroud tangs fabricated and installed with proper compression tube inside mast.
Inside base of mast painted with Zinc Chromate to retard corrosion around step.
Repaired local rot in ceiling panel with penetrating epoxy.
Starter and Alternator removed for inspection and re-conditioning.
Upper shroud chainplates reinstalled.
Interior jointerwork ceiling panels reinstalled.
Re-cable tied all engine room wiring
Cracked hull tabbing repaired and additional tabbing added in way of midship bulkheads.
Replaced galley faucet and removed sink for cleaning and re-bedding.
Modified spreader retaining bolt arrangement to fit new tang bolt
In-line fuse sizes checked and recorded.
Installed new banjo washer on fuel lines
Installed new engine thermostat.
Replaced galley sink faucet.
Replaced polishing system filter.
Replaced fuel filters. Reconnected pottable water pump.
Repaired fiberglass patch on rudder.
Raw water pump impeller replaced.
Tested water temperature sensor - good.
Cleaned engine and removed wiring harness for overhaul.
Painted engine cooling system cover plates.
Reinstalled engine cooling system cover plates with new gaskests and zincs.
Overhauled and reinstalled engine wiring harness.
Painted and reinstalled engine cooling system cover plates .with new gaskests and zincs.
Reinstalled overhauled starter.
Rebuilt alternator mount to correct belt alignment.
Reinstalled alternator after inspection and reconditioning.
Installed new engine exhaust hose to muffler.
Checked engine alignment and coupling.
Adjusted stuffing box.
Overhauled head.
Removed & reinstalled galley joinerwork to rebed leaking lifeline stanchion.
Painted inside of lockers.
Installed crankcase vent air / oil separator.
Replaced batteries.
Replaced battery charger.
Installed bilge alarm.
Removed defective (by product design) Schumacher battery charger.
Repainted sheer stripe.
Replaced wheel brake bushing.
Purchased and outfitted new dinghy.
Replaced Lazy Jack standing legs
Filled non-draining bilge areas under cockpit with cement.
Lubed and adjusted steering cables.

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