Every serious boat owner should know a good welder and I know one of the best. Phil Daigle built this beautiful fuel tank that's now hidden in my keel.

And is now building the tanks for my new new heating system. If you saw the "Nova" show about midget submarines in Pearl Harbor, you saw his work being blown up. The thin wall scale models that some welders would say couldn't be done blew out the thin steel plate before the welds failed. You can watch the show online here. He can weld anything and is a former instructor in underwater welding.

Casco Bay Welding has a 120 foot berth at the Portland Fish Pier so you can bring your boat right in to repair things that can't be removed.

Here are his latest project for my boat, the combination cabin heater / F.O.reserve tank.

And the combination heat shield / hot water tank and the cabin heater mount (on top) for the same system.

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