SSV Corwith Cramer

Another good story about this boat: I designed her when I was Vice President of a three man firm where each of us did our own projects. Truth be told, we didn't get along all that well which is why I left as soon as the design was far enough along to be "set". I did all the drawings, the calculations, and fought with the ship committee while my partners were primarily engaged with other projects.

A couple years ago, I was in Bermuda and the "Cramer" was tied up to the dock. I hailed the deck watch and said that I was the designer of the vessel and would like to come aboard. They looked at me rather strangely and seemed to keep an unusually close watch on me as I walked around. When I got into the pilot house I found out why. There is now a large bronze plaque on the bulkhead that says, "In memory of Parker E. Marean III, designer of the Corwith Cramer". I'd just told them I was a dead man!

Well, given the choice between having the recognition of the plaque and being alive, I think I was well satisfied standing there in the sunshine on the deck of a magnificent ship that has determined the course of a big part of my life.

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