Roger Long

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It has been years, decades actually, since I had a commission to design a traditional wooden boat. The last was the Friendship sloop Black Star , ex. Rita, built by the Rockport Apprentishop.

The Design Requirements:

1) An open boat, primarily for day trips, that can sleep two under a boom tent for occasional overnights or short cruises.

2) Be easily trailerable on a simple flat trailer that can be use for other purposes when not hauling the boat.

3) No outboard engine or other machinery so rowable although not intended primarily for rowing.

4) Traditional styling and derivation without attempting to mimic any particular historical type.

5) Support a boarding ladder for swimming or retrieving a person falling overboard.

6) Have simple, traditional rig with spars that will stow in the boat.

7) Be easily beachable and sit upright when dried out by tide.

8) Be as seaworthy as possible for an open boat that meets the other requirements.

An 18 foot version of this hull is now in fiberglass production in China by Scandinavian Cruisers

This boat has a modern interior and state of the art sail, centerboard, and rudder to provide maximum performance in a traditional hull.