One of the things that greatly increases my pleasure in sailing "Strider" is writing for the wonderful New England regional sailing magazine Points East. They have graciously given me permission to post pdf reprints of my earlier articles here. "Points East" is free at most marine stores and facilites in New England but worth a subscription if you live elsewhere; especially if you plan to visit the East Coast's best cruising grounds someday.

Strider Goes... Cruising? (Page 42)

My first cruise into Canada

Down the Rabbit Hole (Page 93)

Weirdness in Boater Licensing

My Secret Hurricane Hole (Page 26)

The Story of the Hurricane that Wasn't

Last Sail of the Season

This article also appeared as a section of my web site.
This link is to that version.

Sailing to Bermuda for a Light Lunch

This article is on the "Points East" website and
discusses windward helmsmanship on a large schooner.

Long Days

Our June 2008 Cruise and discussion of my cruising style.
Cruise track and pictures

A Boat With Legs

My September cruise to Cape Cod
to avoid labor day traffic and attend a meeting.
(Note: Big file. Be patient)

The Case for The Late Fall Cruise

The story of my cruise the last October weekend
of 2007 when Mainers may remember it was "fair brisk"

My Plan to go Sailing for Science

The original plan for the cruise in the next story. Like so many plans....

Strider's Surf and Turf Science Show

What actually happened on our May science cruise.
Cruise track and pictures

A Chink in the Electronic Armor

Can your trust your electronic charts? (Page 26)

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