I carry a SPOT Emergency Beacon on STRIDER. In addition to allowing me summon help in an emergency, this beacon has a tracking feature that sends my position to a web site every 10 - 30 minutes when activated. This tracking feature is for the enjoyment of friends, family, and readers of my cruising articles. I have designated people on shore who are briefed on what to do if they should receive a "Help" message from the SPOT unit or an inquiry from search and rescue personnel.

PLEASE! If you are not one of the people I have specifically designated and briefed, DO NOT, contact the Coast Guard or any other agency simply because of anything you see on the tracking page.

Tracking is subject to interruptions and having the track suddenly end does not mean I have sunk or am in trouble. If you are concerned and don't know me well enough to know who to call to inquire, then please go worry about children in Darfur instead. If you are one of the designated people, please remember that I told you not to be concerned or take any action simply because tracking stops. If there is a problem, I'll push the "Help" or "911" button.

I am posting this information because a friend who also uses a SPOT beacon and also posts a link to his tracking page had a large and expensive USCG search conducted because someone he knew casually saw the tracking stop and called the Coast Guard.

If you would like to see where STRIDER is now (assuming I'm sailing and the beacon is activated), click the link below.

SPOT Beacon Position Tracking Page