Sail Track Lubricator

The mainsail has been getting a bit stiff about going up and down. Evidently, that coat of McLube dry lubricant I sprayed into the track before putting the mast up is only good for a couple months of sailing two to seven times a week. Here is the answer:

Two sail slides are screwed to a piece of 1' x 1/8" aluminum bar stock. A can of McLube is taped to the flat bar and a piece of brass tubing then taped to either side. Ths bail is made of S.S. rod from an old control cable. After inserting in the track, the rig is hoised up with the main halyard attached to the loop of line with a light downhaul on the bail. By balancing pull on the halyard and tension on the downhaul, the spray is released as the can is pulled back down the mast.

Took about 15 minutes to make, worked like a charm, and the track is now lubricated. This will now go into the on-board equipment.

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